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{ Happy Birthday, Shayna! – Child Photographer Maitland, FL }

Can you believe my niece is 8 years old?! Where did the time go! Children really do grow up fast. I never understood it growing up when all my tias would always say, “oh my, how big you’ve gotten!”. I get it now. I’m that aunt, minus the cheek pinching! I remember all the times we spent coloring Disney princess sheets and now she’s has a small lip gloss collection, instagramming, and doing long division! So glad she is such a good sport about posing for me. This is one of her favorite dresses and I absolutely love it on her! The older she gets the more she looks so much like my sister Maria!





Child Photographer Maitland, FL 


Rose Reid is a child and family photographer in Maitland and surrounding Central Florida areas. Contact her today for a specialized photography session. Please stop by and say hi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Google+ ! Beautiful girl wearing pink and black dress. Colorful child photography. Young girl portraits in grassy background.



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