As a local newborn and baby photographer in Orlando, I am able to meet with like-minded individuals that offer service to my expecting and new moms. One of them being a local Occupational Therapist.


Rebecca Hallman has over 14 years of experience in pediatrics and child development. She has a passion for being a part of the foundations of families.  She became a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM) a few years ago because She believes in the power and healing of human touch.  Human touch is like nothing else; its ability to soothe, connect, convey, and bond without saying a word are unmatched. And human touch in infants is even more powerful! (I know firsthand!)


Infant massage is one important way to positively impact your babies’ development.  This is why Rebecca strongly believe in the importance of bringing this practice to Orlando area families. You might ask “But why do I need to do a massage, can’t I just hold and cuddle my baby?”  Holding and cuddling are great for bonding as well but having a structured event such as massage leads to greater interaction, connection, love, and trust between you and baby.  This type of interaction can improve the health and development of your baby even more.  It is well researched that parents have a large influence on their infant’s development, cognition, future learning and success by their actions and involvement in the first years of life.  Performing daily infant massage gives parents another tool to positively influence their baby’s well-being.  For parents, having this specific time for massage can also increase their confidence in caring for their baby, their connection and love, and their ability to read baby’s cues.


Infant massage is based on 4 main principles: interaction, stimulation, relaxation, and relief.  Within these 4 areas are an expanse of other benefits.  It’s the promotion of these factors that improve the foundations in the first years of life.  She wants to help you make those moments of interaction a lifetime of memories and happiness for your family.  It would be an honor for me to be a part of your family’s health and well-being.  Babies are smart, open, loving little beings that long for touch, attention, and socialization from their parents right from the start.  Infant massage is a great tool that you can learn to fulfill these needs.


If you would like more information on Infant Massage, please visit Rebecca’s website at: or email her at: [email protected].  You can also find out more information from Infant Massage USA. She is a wonderful resources and has taught me her “pro-tips” which have come in handy during my newborn sessions!