Elizabeth Williams is a personal trainer, pre and postnatal coach and postpartum corrective
exercise specialist. She trains women at any stage of motherhood in person and online. As a
mother of three, she not only has personal experience but the educational background to give
this population the guidance, instruction and support they need. Her model of training is to
empower women to understand, move and treat their bodies better than ever before. With
specific attention to breathing, the core and pelvic floor, her clients find themselves stronger
than ever. While her training and programs work well by themselves, she also wants her clients
to return or to continue the forms of exercise they love and can develop programs that
complement your current exercise regime. You also don’t have to love exercise to benefit from
and enjoy her programs. Moms need to be strong for life and purposeful programming will
leave you moving and feeling great! Below are the services she provides.
– In-person Training
– Virtual Training
– Custom Program Design
– Troubleshooting in your current exercise program
– Diastasis and pelvic floor focused programs

Send her an email to receive her guide Beyond the Core – An Introduction to Breathing, Balanced Abs and a Happy Pelvic Floor and to learn more about her coaching.
[email protected]  | (386) 801-7301