1st Blog – Little Logan Turns One {Smash Cake Photographer Orlando}

Hello world! This is my first blog entry ever! What better way to start off the blog, then by sharing Little Logan’s First Birthday. There is something so special about a child’s first birthday. They change so much in the first year. The newborn face that you fell in love with has changed into a little boy or girl. You look back over the past year and remember all the tiny diapers you changed, the nights you feel asleep rocking your sweet baby, the adventures of baby food, their first smile, the first time they recognized you in a group of people. A child’s first birthday will always hold a special place in your heart. It’s during that first year you truly understand the unconditional love and bond between a parent and a child. You have also manged to survive the first year and who wouldn’t want to celebrate! So cheers to Lonnie & Lorena! They have raised a beautiful little girl and have a fun journey ahead of them!

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